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Privacy and cookies
Your privacy is extremely important to us. We value the trust you are placing in us, that is why we are committed to protecting the private data you share with us. This document describes how we use and process the data you entrust to us and how we use the so-called cookies. You will also find information on how to contact us if you have questions about this.
FF Sp. z o.o. provides commercial services via an Internet site. FF Sp. z o.o. may update its privacy and cookie policy from time to time, so we recommend that you visit this site regularly. If you do not agree to our privacy and cookie policy, please stop using our website.

What private data does FF Sp. z o.o. use?
When creating an account, you will be asked to provide your first and last name and e-mail address.
When you visit our website, even if you do not make a purchase, you provide us with certain information, such as your IP address, information about the browser you are using, the operating system of your computer, the version of the application, the language settings and the pages that are displayed to you. If you use a mobile device, you also provide us with the identification of your device, information about its settings, including, for example, the name and description of the application and information about the category of the application. None of this information is personally identifiable but may be considered “private.

Why does FF Sp. z o.o. collect, use and share your data?
Orders: We use your data primarily to manage your order.
Customer service: Our customer service is available on business days from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Certain information is made available to our client service staff to enable them to help clients who need it, e.g. for answering questions about their order.
Marketing: Your information is also used for marketing activities permitted by law. For example:
When you place an order or create an account with us, we may use some of your contact information to send you suggestions for additional services. In addition, our clients may receive regular email newsletters provided that they agree to subscribe (if legally required to do so). You can unsubscribe from the newsletter and other marketing information at any time. Simply use the “unsubscribe” link, which can be found in each newsletter. Managing your subscription is also possible from the level of your account (if you have one).
Thanks to the information our clients provide us with, we can show them personalized offers on, in mobile applications and on partner websites, including social networking sites.
Other forms of contact: You may also be contacted by email, phone or SMS, depending on what information you have provided us with, for example if we need to respond to your request. After using our portal, you may receive a questionnaire asking for your opinion on the quality of services provided by FF Sp. z o.o. You may also receive additional information concerning your orders.
Market research: Sometimes we invite our clients to participate in market research. Any additional data that you provide to us as part of your participation in the research will be used only with your consent.
Fraud Prevention and Detection: Personal data may be used to prevent and detect fraud or other illegal activities.
Improving the quality of service: We may also use your personal information to perform analyses to improve the quality of our services, to increase user satisfaction and to improve the operation and functionality of our website.
Your data will be processed by us for no longer than it complies with the relevant legislation. At any time, you have the right to information, access, rectification and deletion of data from our database, to limit data processing, to transfer data and the right not to be subject to automated decisions in individual cases, including profiling.

Personal data of the Service Recipients given in the contact form are processed by FF Sp. z o.o. for the purpose and time resulting from the function of the form and for automated processing in the form of profiling. Profiling denotes any form of automated processing of personal data by the Service Provider, which consists in using the Service Recipient’s personal data to assess certain personal factors, in particular to analyse or forecast preferences, interests, reliability, behaviour, location or movement of the Service Recipients. The Client has the right to object to profiling by the Service Provider processing personal data in order to pursue his public interest or his own legitimate interest, if he or she considers that the profiling violates his or her rights and freedoms, unless the administrator of the data demonstrates that his own interest overrides the rights and freedoms of the person. The right to object is excluded when profiling is necessary for the conclusion of the contract or for taking action prior to the conclusion of a contract is allowed by European Union law or by the law of a Member State to which the administrator is subject and provides for the implementation of measures to protect the rights and freedoms, the person has given his/her consent.

Objection to profiling
The service recipient may express his or her objection by sending a notice of such objection to the address:

How can FF Sp. z o.o. use social networking sites?
You can share certain information with FF Sp. z o.o. through social networking sites. After installing the application allowing you to access your social networking account, you will be asked which information you want to share with FF Sp. z o.o. The information you may share with us includes the basic information available on your profile, as well as your e-mail address, status and friend list. By using this information, we may personalize our site and customize it according to your requirements. It also allows you to easily share your friends’ opinions about specific destination points and help us improve our service.
In the future, we may give you the opportunity to log in to the FFl Sp. z o.o. website using your social networking account. You will find out how your data is processed in such a situation on the social networking site you are using.

How does FF Sp. z o.o. share your data with third parties?
Under certain circumstances we may share your private data with third parties.

Your local office of FF Sp. z o.o.: Your data may be made available to employees of the local offices of FF Sp. z o.o. so that they can support you around the clock if necessary.
Third Parties: We may use the assistance of service providers to process your data on our behalf for the aforementioned purposes. E.g., to providers of bookkeeping and courier services and to providers through whom payment for your order is made via the Internet. Any entity with whom we work to ensure the best possible quality of service is required to maintain the same level of protection for your data. Such cooperation may include facilitating the payment process, sending out advertising materials, as well as cooperation for analytical purposes. The service providers involved in providing the above-mentioned services are bound by a data entrustment and confidentiality agreement and are not authorized to use client data for any other purpose than mentioned above.
Your data may be disclosed to governmental or investigative authorities in the event that we are legally (or based on other legally binding documents) obliged to disclose it. These documents include subpoenas and injunctions and rulings on court trials or criminal investigations. Your data may also be disclosed if this is necessary to detect or prosecute criminal acts or to prevent such acts.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small amount of data that is stored on your computer by a website. This privacy and cookie policy applies to cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter referred to as “cookies”).

Why do websites use cookies?
Websites have no memory. The user who moves around the website is not recognized as the same user on the individual pages of the website. Cookies allow your browser to be recognized by the website. Therefore, cookies are mainly used to remember choices made by the user on the website (e.g. language or currency). Cookies are also used to identify the person who visits the website again.

Do all cookies work in the same way?
No, different types of cookies are used for different purposes. Cookies vary depending on the function, the expiry date and the website that delivers them.

How does FF Sp. z o.o. use cookies?
Our website uses the following types of cookies:
– Technical Cookies: We want our website to be modern and user-friendly and automatically adapt to users’ needs and wishes. For this purpose, we use technical cookies. They make sure that the website is displayed correctly. They are also used for creating a user account, logging in and managing orders. Technical cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our website.
– Functional Cookies: Functional cookies are used to remember your preferences so that you can use the site efficiently and effectively. Functional Cookies are not necessary for the proper functioning of the website; however, they enable the user to use additional, convenient functions on the website.
– Analytical Cookies: These provide information on how users use the site and which functions work, and which do not. These cookies allow us to develop our services and make the site interesting and relevant to users. We collect data about the websites you view, the entry and exit pages, the type of platform, date and time stamps, and details such as the number of mouse clicks on the website, mouse movements, page scrolling, as well as the words and text you search for on the website.
– Commercial Cookies: We use these types of cookies to display FF Sp. z o.o. advertisements on other websites based on information about the directions you are looking for or the objects you are viewing. This is called retargeting.

How long are FF Sp. z o.o. cookies active?
The expiry date of cookies varies depending on their type. The maximum validity period of cookies is 5 years from the last visit to the website. Cookies can be deleted from the browser at any time.

How do you recognize FF Sp. z o.o. cookies?
You can find FF Sp. z o.o. cookies in your browser settings.
Does FF Sp. z o.o. use marketing and analytical cookies provided by third parties?
Yes, FF Sp. z o.o. may use the services of trusted and well-known companies dealing with Internet advertising and marketing. FF Sp. z o.o. may also use third party services for analytical purposes. In order to make their services available, these companies must install the cookies.
The companies whose services we use try to build user awareness and introduce appropriate business standards and data management principles.

Who has access to data about FF Sp. z o.o. cookies?
Only FF Sp. z o.o. has access to data about FF Sp. z o.o. cookies. The cookies installed by third parties are accessed by these third parties.

Where can I set my cookie preferences?
In your browser settings (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) you can choose which cookies to accept and which to reject. The specific location of the cookie settings depends on which browser you are using. You can check the location of your settings by clicking on the “Help” option in your browser.
Please note that rejecting some cookies may prevent you from using certain areas of our website. Opting out of ads does not mean that you will stop receiving online advertising or participating in marketing analysis. It just means that the network you are opting out of will no longer provide advertisements tailored to your online activity.

Does FF Sp. z o.o. use web beacon images?
Apart from using cookies, FF Sp. z o.o. may also use so-called web beacons. A web beacon is a small, one-pixel image placed on your computer as a part of a website or an e-mail in HTML. Both directly and through service providers, we use these pixels as part of online advertising on our website or on third parties.

What security procedures are used by FF Sp. z o.o. to protect users’ data?

In accordance with European data protection regulations, we apply procedures aimed at preventing access to the data and its abuse by unauthorized persons.
In order to protect and secure the data you provide us with, we use appropriate business systems. The data collected on our servers are protected by appropriate procedures and access to them is subject to technical and physical limitations. Access to the data may be used only by authorized persons who need the data for their work.
If it is necessary to provide credit card data, the data is stored in encrypted form in order to detect possible fraud.

The services offered by FF Sp. z o.o. are not intended for persons under 18 years of age. In such cases, using our services is possible only with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. We reserve the right to delete any data received from persons under 18 years of age.

How can I control the data provided to FF Sp. z o.o.?
At any time, you can exercise your right to access your personal data stored in our system. A request for data verification can be sent by e-mail to the address: In the subject of the e-mail, please write “Request to change personal data”.
If the personal data is incorrect, we will change it on your request. If you do not intend to use our services anymore, you may request that your data be deleted from the FF Sp. z o.o. client database, which will make it impossible to reuse them. You can also delete your user account at any time. You can also resign from receiving FF Sp. z o.o. newsletters at any time by using the link in each newsletter. A request to update, block or delete data can be sent by e-mail to:

Who is responsible for data processing on the FF Sp. z o.o. website and in mobile applications?
FFl Sp. z o.o. is the administrator of personal data on the website and in mobile applications. FF Sp. z o.o. is a private limited liability company operating under Polish law. Its registered office is located at 6/16 Jaworska Street, 53-612 Wrocław. KRS number (National Court Register Number) is 0000637659, NIP number (Tax Identification Number) is 8971828792, REGON (Statistical Identification Number) is 365430114. If you have any questions or comments regarding privacy policy, please send them by e-mail to the address: